About is one of the top reputable Pocket Bully breeders in Canada. Our team at Pocket Bully are world class reputable breeders that are located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. is committed to providing safe Pocket Bully Puppies to the general public. It is our top priority to provide a safe and a straightforward process for families to buy a Pocket Bully puppy online in Canada. This service is available to clients located globally. If you are in Nanaimo, Vancouver or anywhere in the surrounding area and would like to see the puppies live in person, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are looking for a puppy for yourself or for anyone you know. Our team at Pocketbully ensures that all puppies that are for sale are in top shape and ready to go. Quality is our speciality. 


Our dedicated team at is committed to providing safe Pocket Bullies for clients all around the world. Our dogs are known for having great bones, beautiful and healthy coats, great body structure, large heads, strong chests, strong shoulders and come equipped with a whole lot of muscle. We provide dogs that have great personalities with strong frames. At we treat our Pocket Bullies as family members. We emphasize that our Pocket Bullies are loving dogs that have a stable temperament along with a great attitude. Whether you are an American, Canadian or anywhere in the world, our dogs are for you.

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Exciting News Alert!

We are excited to share with everyone our newest litter of pocket bully puppies, from parents Chloe (sired from Shamrock), and Sarge, born on February.

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View the latest breedings available. All of our Pocket Bullies are Canadian bred from championship or highly sought after breeds. vinny - Pocket Bully


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Get ready for our 2024 Spring litters from Pocket Bully! Dimond’s final litter before retirement – don’t miss out!